About Us

Secretary's Message

Realizing the need for producing well trained Professionals in Pharmacy field, Vijaya Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences for Women was established with the prime objective of improving the potential human resources with sound practical knowledge coupled with a skill set that suits the ever increasing industrial needs and challenging demands of the public health.

At Vijaya Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences for Women, we believe in moulding the Pharmacy graduates with a harmonious blend of Academics and negotiable & non-negotiable soft skills. In order to realize this objective the college provides opportunities to the students for participating in weekly seminars, group discussions, quizzes etc., apart from co-academic activities like presenting technical papers at national level paper contests organized by various technical institutions. In addition to guiding them, the college offers umpteen opportunities to the students, to inculcate in them dynamism and competitive spirit thereby enhancing not only the communication skills but also soft skills like problem analyzing and solving and other such employability oriented skills.