To become a potential leader in the field of Pharmacy through excellence in education and research.


  1. To encourage and empower the young women students by providing holistic education.
  2. To be socially responsible and adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct.
  3. To support research in diverse ways by launching partnerships and associations.
  4. To inculcate community service as a practice among students and staff.


1. The quality and completeness of student education is our top priority.

2. The institution is responsible to its students and faculty to help them grow personally and professionally.



  1. To provide quality pharmaceutical education in a conducive academic environment.
  2. To transform young women into responsible pharmacists with scientific temperament.
  3. To conduct health camps and pharma exhibitions to create awareness among the public
  4. To organize workshops/seminars/conferences and certificate programmes to equip students with the latest trends in pharmaceutical field.
  5. To provide a stress-free work environment for staff and students


  1. Empower girl students.
  2. Develop positive attitude.
  3. Promote academic excellence.
  4. Build competency.
  5. Support economically challenged.
  6. Improve employability skills.
  7. Foster integrity.
  8. Create Brand Image.
  9. Enable students to be Thinkers, Dreamers, Believers, and Achievers.


  1. To nurture a campus culture where all students can acknowledge and bring out their potential based on ethics.
  2. To achieve academic excellence through quality education which emphasizes professional practice and expertise in the field of study.
  3. To ensure the optimum usage of infrastructure and other amenities like library, laboratories and IT facilities to impart learner-centric and inquiry-based instruction.
  4. To foster an encouraging work environment for faculty and students that enables research activities.
  5. To ensure and synergize all academic and administrative procedures directed towards continuous and sustained improvement of the institution.