IQAC Initiatives


To develop a purposeful and continuous quality programme of action to enhance the academic and administrative system of the institution


  1. To build a quality culture, channelize and systematize the system
  2. To strive towards academic excellence
  3. To optimize and integrate the contemporary teaching-learning methods
  4. To propagate knowledge on quality metrics
  5. To capture and encourage the talent pool of students and staff
  6. To identify and explore new research areas in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Quality assurance and enhancement being the focus, the IQAC of the institution organizes workshops/seminars/conferences and the various initiatives have been documented in the  Self Study Report. The IQAC is all set to greet and welcome the expert team to assess and accredit the institution, under the auspices of the National Assessment Accrediation Council (NAAC), a statutory body of the University of Grants Commission (UGC)