Welfare Measures

Employee Welfare is an indispensable part of the organization. Welfare measures of an organization ensure in keeping up the morale and motivation of the employees. They help in retaining the employees for a longer duration. They enhance the quality of performance which leads to higher productivity, as they feel satisfied, comfortable and zealous to work in the organization.

For Teaching and Non-teaching members of faculty

The institution

  1. Provides an ethical, healthy, competitive academics driven, focused and supportive, professional work environment to its faculty.
  2. Facilitates to upgrade their qualification, and in acquiring their doctoral degrees.
  3. Makes available infrastructure, library, equipment and other resources to those who undertake research work.
  4. Sanctions study leave for higher education or for full time Doctoral programmes.
  5. Sanctions leave and financial assistance to participate in training programmes.
  6. Encashment of earned leave at the end of service.
  7. Timely salary credit to the bank account.
  8. Reimbursement of membership fees for the professional bodies.
  9. Provides Group Insurance.
  10. Provides transport facility.
  11. Provides maternity leave.

For the Professional Development of Teaching members of faculty

The institution

  1. Facilitates to attend seminars/workshops/conferences/faculty development programmes.
  2. Encourages to present and publish research papers.
  3. Encourages to undertake minor/major research projects.
  4. Arranges orientation programmes for the novice members to improve their teaching methodologies

For the Professional Development of Non-teaching members of faculty

The institution

  1. Encourages training on laboratory handling, fire safety and first aid
  2. Encourages library staff to attend training programmes
  3. Encourages to acquire computer literacy skills
  4. Employee provident fund and ESI facility
  5. Fee concession to the wards of economically weak staff
  6. Festival bonus for Makara Sankranti

Other Welfare measures for teaching and non-teaching members of faculty

  1. Availability of medicines at an affordable price through Jan Aushadhi medical store located in the campus;
  2. Union Bank, Enikepadu located one kilometer away from the campus can be accessed for all banking transactions
  3. ATM facility is made available in the parent institution at SRKIT campus, located half kilometer away from the campus.
  4. Recreation programmes, sports and picnics are arranged
  5. Grievance Cell
  6. Canteen facility
  7. Yoga classes
  8. Wi-fi facility
  9. Workspace
  10. Computing facility
  11. Identity cards