Alumni’s role is valuable as it helps to build and nurture an institution’s name through word-of-mouth promotion. VIPWAA Vijaya Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences for Women Alumni Association plays an active role and volunteers in mentoring their juniors in their areas of expertise. Their optimistic posts on social media make the institution’s name reach every nook and corner. Institutional has notable alumni placed at various organizations nationally and internationally. They have provided referrals to their peers and juniors. Alumni of the institution are pursuing/have pursued their higher education in eminent institutions of India, the USA and Canada.

Alumni Contribution

Institution notifies alumni donations as significant in supporting the educational mission.

  1. Prizes to the winners of various competitions conducted annually on the occasions of World Pharmacist’s Day & National Pharmacy Week
  2. Printer to the Dept. of Pharmaceutics
  3. Two air conditioners to Instrumentation Labs present in Pharmaceutical Analysis and Pharmaceutics Research Laboratories
  4. Citrus Garden Plantation
  5. Free distribution of medicines to the needy from the JanAushadhi Medical Store at the institution during Health Camps
  6. Headphones to Computers cum Language Laboratory
  7. Electronic Calling Bell
  8. e-waste and plastic waste bins
  9. 150 plastic stools to laboratories
  10. Office Desk name plates to the members of faculty
  11. Binding of College Library Books
  12. Digital Wall Clock

The institution looks forward to strengthen VIPWAA.